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This was a book that was different then any other books that I have read. I thought it was an interesting mix of paranormal and suspense that had me wondering how it would end. The character Theia was an interesting mix of naïve and experienced. The book takes you through several different emotions and scenes that leave you question past and future, Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this and write a honest review.

by Laurie Beemer

You will be pulled in from the start. in this paranormal thriller. What starts with a quick job for a big payout and being cheated out of the money quickly turns into a quest for the truth. Who is the mysterious woman in the photograph? Why are ghosts haunting Theia, and what does a story from drawings she loved in her childhood have to do with it all? You won't want to miss this thrilling adventure.

by Liliyana Shadowlyn

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